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Personalized Stylus Pen

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Personalized Stylus Pen - Comes in varies colors and with your desired name
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Personalized Stylus Pen. Current stock colors are Black, Pink, Blue and Gray. This sleek stylus pen comes personalized with your favorite persons name, first and/or last and/or job title. It engraves a beautiful frosted white color sure to catch everyone's eye. This is a double duty pen because of the stylus it has on the other end. Use the stylus on an ipad, cell phone or anything else that is touch control. I can even use it on my phone when I have my gloves on!

We can add a graphic to the pen if it is not too detailed.

Give the pen top a twist and the black ball point tip extends for writing. The textured grip area makes the pen easy to hold on to and is highlighted by the 7 silver rings.Laser engraving on the 7 Ring Pen/Stylus creates a frosty white color that generates excellent detail for small fonts, logos and clip art. 

I am left handed and when I received my first pen with my name on it, I started using it and realized my name was upside down! So the specialty is, I make the pen for the person so please let me know if they are left or right handed.

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