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Our story begins over 35 years ago when my husband, Bruce, was 13 years old.  He grew up in Idaho and he began farming 20 acres of ground with his brother for an older couple down the road.  The next year they moved up to more ground until they had quite a business going.  From this experience he learned the importance of hard work and integrity and how to be an entrepreneur.

I grew up in southwestern Colorado active in 4-H learning how to sew and crochet and learn many things from master crafters. From a young age I could often be found creating new items, I even sewed my youngest brother a pair of jeans with actual jean material.  This was before jeans that small were even the rage. 

Bruce and I met at Ricks College in Rexburg Idaho where he was pursuing a business degree and I was pursuing a dance degree.  We were married in 1986 and after Bruce graduated he continued farming until 1990 when he went to work for Hewlett Packard in the LaserJet division. 

While at HP he received the opportunity to attend many trade shows.  At one particular trade show he witnessed a Laser Engraver at work.  He came home so excited to share with me what it could do.  He was sure I could purchase one of these and do great things with it. Unfortunately I was not as excited as he was since I was attending college to get an Elementary Education degree and we were raising 7 children, the oldest being 14 and the youngest being 8 .  I did not think I had time to start one more thing. He gratefully dropped the subject.

The next year 2005 he once again went to the trade show and watched the machine. This time he came home even more excited.  I was still in school but I decided I would listen to him.  He found a supplier in our area and we went and visited with him.  After several hours all I can say is, "I was hooked". 

We purchased a machine and set it up in the basement of our house, converting an old storage room to my new laser room.  The first couple of years while I finished my degree were mostly just spent learning the machine and doing projects for friends and family. Once my degree was complete we started spending more time with the business.  Since that time we have expanded to a world wide market and love being able to send products to Australia, England, and of course the United States.

Update on the 7 children.  All of them are grown and some of them married.  All of the kids worked a small bit with the laser, some of them actually learning how to run it, others how to design products, and others great sales people.  This is one joy of having a home grown business so that it becomes a family project!

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